What exactly is life? 

One fateful night, I laid down to sleep after I felt that I had achieved that day.  This question popped into my mind and after pondering over it, I asked myself what I really take life as.  You know, life is not all about waking up at the sound of your alarm and going about your daily duties. Life is not just living in a big house with servants around neither is it about just struggling to fend for yourself. Life is not about going to school and having a degree to give you a good job. Life is not about getting married,having a good husband and wonderful kids. Life is not about sitting in a cozy chair in your multimillionaire office. Life is not about sending off your child to school to study and make you proud. Life is not about money.  Life is not about fun.  Life is not about partying. Life is not about music. Life is not about education. Life is not about work. Life is not about death. Life is not about power. 
Life is deeper than we see it. Life is a deliberate choice. Life has its ups and downs but really, life is about now. Life is not dependent on past failures. Life is you dreaming something and going for it. Life is flexible. Life is purpose. Life depends on how you view it. A life of purpose is a meaningful life. If a man acquires wealth and has a beautiful family and still doesn’t fulfil purpose, well, we can still classify that life as meaningless. What am trying to say is that, if your purpose is not to feed the orphans but to provide employment for the youth  and you were busy feeding the orphans then you didn’t fulfil purpose. Let me break it down,  the set of youths you are meant to help will end up wallowing in their failures when you, their Messiah did not show up and whereas those children you ought not to help will have more than enough help for their entire life. Do you get me? A meaningful life is a life of purpose.  It is a life that is fulfilled. There is this peace that comes with fulfilling purpose.  I don’t know who is reading this but I believe you are getting something about life. Life is interwoven with purpose and purpose is interwoven with prayer. Yes, you have to pray to know your purpose. Am not preaching neither am I telling you fables, all what am saying is real and true. You can fulfil purpose and have a meaningful life. It is a choice. 

Character-My thoughts

Sometimes I wonder why people just feel lazy and don’t understand what to do at that moment or even what to do later on. I woke up one day and as I opened my eyes to the realization of nothing to do I moved my sleep to gear 2. The enemy of my sleep is always my mum.  She just doesn’t like me sleeping. I wonder if she ever really rest at all. 

I have learnt quite a lot from her even though she doesn’t know. One 8major thing  I know her for is that, she doesn’t sit down idle.  She is either washing or planning.  If she is not at work then she is with a friend. She is always on the go. No matter how tired or stressed she was the previous day, she will never give in to too much sleep. Although I have spent most of my years with her, I still don’t know how to inculcate that aspect of her. I feel there is a limit to what you can get from your parents. You might look like them so much but still be different in character. 

Our character is very paramount even though we try to overlook it. The Character we portray  might be from the home we came from, and it might be from the environment we have lived in or presently living in. But in all, our character is not 100%  from our parents. Like I said about my mum I still find it difficult to wake early but when I got admission I didn’t wait for a soothsayer to tell me that too much sleep won’t take me anywhere.I just  had to discipline myself so as not to fall short in any aspect.  Now I can sleep for four hours without being aweary. 

Some people blame the forces of their villages for their inability to pass their exams or get a husband/wife, some blame them for their failure in life others even give up trying simple because they have accepted defeat from their mothers’villages.  As much as I want to believe there are witches and wizard, I  still don’t see how they can conjecture a person so much that all the person will do is to sit back and wish they were from another lineage.  Most times our character plays the major role in our misfortune. Walter Anderson once said that “bad things do happen ,how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness,immobilized by the gravity of my loss or I can choose to rise from my pain  and treasure the most precious gift I have- life itself.” 

I always tell people that you are the owner of your life and if you intend to waste it, waste it wisely.  A friend was asking me onetime if it is possible to be influenced and I said yes.  But the striking response I got was that ” If a friend is bad and you become bad, it is not the friend that influenced you but it is you that chose to be influenced.” So this implies that we all have  what I call error influence which I will say it is inevitable during a period of ignorance but when that realization sets in, you discover that, that error is no longer an error but it is all of a sudden  willful. You have your life in your hands and you determine what your character will be.  I can just simply say that your character is not determined by anyone or anything but by you. So take your life in your hands now!!!

It’s in you

I have read lots of book, listened to various motivation speakers. I have tried several things all in a bid to discover myself.I have imagined like some people adviced. I have had big dreams, met people with great dreams who know who they are and what they really want but yet I still can’t place where I belong.  Many times I have compared myself to various people. I sometimes feel God is unfair for giving people loads of talents and for giving others peanuts. Years ago,I knew a pretty girl who could sing beautifully. She had flexible waist that could turn people’s heads around. She was tall and fair. She had  beautiful handwriting, name it … Talking of  brilliant people?  Yes, she was among and this made her seem perfect.  At that time I didn’t hate her for being dextrous but I remember blaming different sets of people for not contributing as they should. I remember blaming my parents for not having what her parents had that made her super good in everything. I blamed my teachers for the most silliest thing ever, my handwriting ,not that it is that bad but hers were like calligraphy.. You really need to see it.  I blamed my sister because she could sing  so why couldn’t I sing also? and mostly I blamed God for not blessing me that way. 

     Gradually, as days turned into months and months turned into years I realized something remarkable and it was due to what I read in the holy book about talents. I discovered that even though the servant that was given two talent knew he had limited talents when compared to the one that had five,he  still did all he could to make a least 50% of what he had. So I sat down and pondered on what I discovered and it dawned on me that I have more talents than the lady I envied, infact she could refer to me as her superior in most aspects. The only thing I was lacking was using the little I had to make plenty.

     All this epistle have been writing is just to tell somebody reading this piece that there is no specific talent anywhere.  I started this blog majorly because I believe I could impact in a little way but due to laziness and procrastination I have not posted here for a while. I had several areas to write on but something keeps popping up and I got discouraged at a point.  I feel most people are like that.  We know we can do something but fear, laziness or procrastination impedes us from getting that thing done.  Whatever your hands find to do, don’t wait till somebody pushes you but do it and do it well.  Your talents is your passion and nothing should stop that talent from showing its face. Like the popular advert *Peak, it’s in you* I want you to stop looking at what is not lost but relax and discover yourself by yourself. You’ve got what it takes. It’s in you.

Be you… 



​​Every moment has its sweetn


I relish those moments
Moments of listening to night stories

Moments of seeing with friends, the stars glory

Moments of wasting money on every item sold on the road

Moments of eating on the road

Moments of wanting to make friends desperately

Moments when we know deep down that we might end up separately

Moments of rushing to submit early morning assignments

Moments of submitting assignments under another’s person assignments

Moments when the most intelligent is not the best.

Moments when the best becomes the less

Moments of seeing people read to come first in WAEC

Moments when a teacher efficiency lies in students A’s in WAEC
I relish those moments
Moments when the first day of resumption is always the longest

Moments when the invited Priest just knows how to make his speech endless

Moments when we all pray for something bad to save our legs from this endlessness

Moments when we all know how to skillfully escape with a beg

Moments we most times dread

Moments we thought would end

I relish those moments
Moments when Maths teacher classwork suddenly sounds like a missed heartbeat

Moments when Chemistry sounds like gibberish

Moments when the Physics teacher best punishment is with a big stick

Moments when Biology,all of a sudden becomes a long tick

Moments when Economics teacher just know how to use us to form notes

Moments when Further maths just doesn’t make sense with the *further* in it

I relish those moments
Moments when the fear of WAEC clouded our minds

Moments when the vice principal promised hell to those lazy minds

Moments of sleepless nights even with candle light

Moments when invigilators threat almost makes you pee in your pants

Moments when the students count down to end of exams

Moments when freedom was in the air when exams are over.
I relish those moments
Moments when we all wanted to know what became of others

Moments when your mate becomes your hide mate when you are yet to get admission

Moments when first-to-get admission wins an invisible price

Moments when the supposed struggle ends when you are in school

Moments when your present level becomes a price tag

Moments when your dream school brings out your frustrated side
I honestly relish those moments when you know that there would never be a time without having to share momories…

Drop your comments on those unforgettable moments